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  • Tang Soo Do Grand Masters - Circa 1969 OSAN - South KoreaTang Soo Do Grand Masters
    Master Price (1st DAN) - Circa 1969 | (OSAN) - S.Korea
  • Grand Master Khalid and Tang Soo Do Alliance Masters | circa 2015Grand Master Khalid
    Grand Master Price & Tang Soo Do Alliance Masters | circa 2015
  • Grand Master Khalid 9th DANUniversal Tang Soo Do Alliance
    9th Degree Black Belt - 9th DAN
  • Tang Soo Do - 2014Grand Master Robert D. Price 8th Dan and Black Belts
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prices academy of self-defense and martial arts Tang Soo Do Grand Masters - Circa 1969 S.Korea Master's conference with Grand Master Daryl Khalid in Arizon circa 2015 Daryll Khalid prices academy of self-defense and martial arts Price's Academy of Korean Karate

Congratulations to Grand Master Price promotion to 8th Dan. Tang Soo!

California State Tang Soo Do Championship 2017

Our Tang Soo Do Competition of Summer 2017 was a great success. Thank You

California State Tang Soo Do Championship 2017

Kee Cho Hyung Il Bu | Kee Cho Hyung Ee Bu | Kee Cho Hyung Sam Bu

Price's Academy of self-defense and Martial Art's training
established in 1972

What is Tang Soo Do?

Tang Soo Do means "the way of the Chinese hand" or "the art of the knife hand." It has elements of Chinese internal methods and Japanese striking styles. As a modern martial art form, Tang Soo Do’s purpose is to develop every aspect of the 'self' to integrate totally the intellect, emotions, body and spirit in order to produce a well rounded, mature person.

Tang Soo Do has a great deal of kicks, hand strikes, and stances. Tang Soo Do uses hard styles as well as softer stances along with more fluid motions that are indicative of the ofter styles. From Soo Bahk Do we get the hardness and from Northern Chinese systems we get the soft flowing movements. The superior kicking techniques are based on Soo Bahk Do, and both styles can easily be seen in the forms that are practiced within Tang Soo Do.

Studio sparring and competition sparring is a very important part of Tang Soo Do training. The techniques used in these types of sparring could be dangerous and could result in serious injury if not properly controlled. Tang Soo Do is not a competitive sport, although there are annual competitions. Kick boxing sparring is traditionally not part of Tang Soo Do training.

While competing at Tang Soo Do Annual Competitions, face or groin contact is not allowed. Light to moderate contact to the sides and front of the body are allowed. In many other contact sports where personal injuries happen, Tang Soo Do is actually a very safe activity. We promote good sportsmanship, respect and personal discipline which insure that practitioners compete in the safe and friendly environment. The purpose of Tang Soo Do is not for fighting, rather to enhance one's self body and mind by perfecting the techniques through hours and hours of training. When the time comes to defend yourself, the hours of training and the development of your physical skills and proper spirit will guide you.

Price's Academy Promotion's

Price's Academy Promotions April 2017

These are our latest promotions for April 2018. Testing lasts approximately three hours and consists of: forms, self-defense, proficiency and development. Contratulations to all of you!