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price's academy of self-defense and martial arts instructors

Top Row - John Clayson (Second Degree Black Belt and Intstructor), Robert Dale Price (Grand Master - 8th Degree Black Belt and Instructor), Bill Spellman (Second Degree Black Belt) || Bottom Row - John Christman (Second Degree Black Belt and Instructor), Brandi Lantz (First Degree Black Belt)

Robert Dale Price Senior Master 7th Degree Black Belt

Grand Master
Robert D. Price
Senior Master Instructor
8th Degree Black Belt (8th Dan)

Grand Master Price began his martial arts journey in 1968 while in the Air Force stationed in Osan, Korea. He became a 1st Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do in 1969 and years later his 2nd and 3rd Degree Black Belt while under the instruction of Grandmaster Chun Sik Kim.

In 1971 while stationed in Thailand he became the 1st American to be tested and promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt by Grandmaster Precha Mahachanavong in the Lotus Style of Muay Thai Kickboxing Self-Defense. He trained with the Founder of and Grandmaster of the Okinawa Weapons System while stationed at Kadena Okinawa from 1977 to 1980.

He currently holds an 8th Degree Grand Masters Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, awarded in 2018 after over 50 years of dedication and instruction.

He has over 30 years of teaching in law enforcement and security officer training. He is a staff instructor in a highly recognized Sheriff's Regional Training Center. He holds teaching credentials in Medic 1st Aid and CPR, NRA Law Enforcement Firearms training, Pressure Point Control Techniques (PPCT) and Edged Weapon Defense, BSIS firearms and ASP baton, Crisis Prevention Intervention, POST Weaponless Defense.

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black belt second degree Bill Spellman Cal City

William P. Spellman Jr. "Bill"
2nd Degree Black Belt (2nd Dan)

Bill got started in martial arts in Korea in 1977 learning Tae Kwon Do, but never continued that training. Many years later, Bill got his 7 year old daughter interested in martial arts; she started her training in Enjutsu Kai. At that time, Price’s Academy was not yet located in California City. She trained for 2 years but the studio closed because her instructor only had 3 students. In 2005, she was 11 years old and started her training in Tang Soo Do. Bill has been involved with Tang Soo Do and Price’s Academy from that time on. Bill helps Master Robert Price by helping with the some of the paperwork and greets people that come in while class is going.

Bill's 1st Degree Black Belt

Master Robert Price and Bill’s daughter submitted the paperwork for an honorary Black Belt. But after Grand Master Darryl Khalid along with other masters reviewed all the paperwork they informed Master Robert Price that Bill will not receive an honorary Black Belt. They all agreed that Bill deserved a real numbered Black Belt. So, four days after Bill's 55th Birthday on Feb 25, 2011 at the Black Belt Master’s Clinic held at the YMCA in Highland CA. Grand Master Darryl Khalid and Master Robert Price were proud to award William P. Spellman Jr. with his 1st Degree Black Belt from the Universal Tang Soo Do Alliance.

Bill's 2nd Degree Black Belt

The Universal Tang Soo Do Alliance has returned to the traditional belt worn by the Alliance Black Belts, the Midnight Blue Belt. Bill gave Master Price his new Midnight Blue Belt to get it embroidered with his name and belt number. Master Price felt that the time and dedication Bill has given to Price’s Academy and to the Universal Tang Soo Do Alliance has earned him more that just a new embroidered belt. Grand Master Khalid agreed with Master Price and on May 30, 2014 presented Bill with his newly embroidered belt, but with a twist; they promoted Bill to 2nd Degree Black Belt at the Masters Clinic held at the Little Tigers Studio in San Bernardino CA.

John Christman first degree black belt and first dan assistant instructor Cal City

John Christman "Big-John"
2nd Degree Black Belt (2nd Dan)

Tango Soo Do has become part of my lifestyle and part of my decision making.   With my training up to now I have increased with confidence, concentration and quality in doing good forms properly and a solid defense.  Understanding is part of the learning and is a continuous journey of knowing self-defense if one has to use it, taking pride in one's self and making a difference in ones life.  I believe my responsibility as a Black Belt is to be a good role model.  Looking back in my life, I realize practice is needed for self improvement.   Perseverance is the key to unlocking the ultimate goal of mastering Tang Soo do.

John Clayson first degree black belt and first dan Cal City

John Clayson "Little-John"
2nd Degree Black Belt (2nd Dan)

It has been a really long and tough journey to achieve all of the goals that i have achieved in the time I have been a Martial Artist.  I have gone through a lot of pain and hard work to get to where I man now.   Four years ago when I first started the class, I was a very nervous and shy White belt.   However as the years went by I was no longer nervous or shy.   Once I started taking tests to be promoted to the next belt rank, I started becoming more confident in myself to do better every day.   Having reached the Brown belt with a stripe, I went to "Little Tigers - Tang Soo Do" studio for promotion tests.   Doing so brought back some nervous fealings and made me a bit shy being in front of the masters grading and testing my skills.   Once finished with the test, I was notified that I had passed and all the nervousness and shyness went away.   It was like being in my home studio at "Price's Academy of Korean Karate".   When I received my Red belt I continued to test at "Little Tigers" while training at "Price's Academy" for all of my testing and became more confident every time I passed the tests which boosted my confidence level.   However once I became Cho Dan Bo I became very stressed out because I would be testing for my Black belt.   I had to learn two new forms and they were pretty complicated.   It took me a while to get them down packed.   Once I learned the forms like the back of my hand I knew I was ready to test for my Black belt.   I would never forget that day, having achieved something that I never thought I could achieve when I was a little kid.   Now I am here today helping Master Price instruct the lower ranks as a Black belt Instructor.